Industrial Electro Rock

New Videos, New Tracks, Other New Things.

So if you watched the video update, you know that there are two SM albums coming in October: Cadaver Amatorem and Zombi. SM is hoping to do a videosm3 for a song of each album so we will see how that works. Sin is also working on a video with the project Neutrino Oscillation for the track “I Will Not Run” that she did guest vocals for, plus some guest vox for a Lockjaw track and another two or three here and there. Shaping up to be a nice fall/winter around here and a good 2013 all around for Scream Machine. There is a new godMONSTER album out. Sin is also continuing her fight against GMO foods and the world in general with her modern pioneering thing, so keep an eye on that. Cosmo is finishing up PIPEBOMB’s album Blood & Wires and that should be released sometime this year. Lots to look forward to and plenty of new tunes for that ass. The singles “I Don’t Give A Fuck,” “Fuck To Drugs” and “Fix” are all from Zombi.

That’s about it for now. New transmissions will be posted as received.

Tracklists for both albums (as they stand):

Cadaver Amatorem

1. Spider

2. Alone

3. Your Jesus

4. Humanoid

5. 80lb Punch

6. Lay Me Down

7. November

8. Pressure

9. Stop

10. Reptile

11. Remain

12. Coma



1. Devil In The Flesh

2. Zombi

3. I Don’t Give A Fuck

4. Control Freak

5. Drugs (Ain’t Working No More)

6. Reject

7. Fix

8. Hollow

9. All The Pretty Horses

10. God Is Waiting

11. Burn It Down

12. Fuck To Drugs


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