Industrial Electro Rock

Lyrics to “Revolutionize.” Appearing on “Zombi” in October.

Who was the one who said
We would never be free?
I’m standing here instead
And I am looking but see

There is no time for talk
There is no way to get out
It’s time for walking the walk
It’s time to prove that you’re down

Because the weight has been shifted
the burden’s on us
Because the veil has been lifted
Time to show them what’s up

It’s time to stop all that noise
it’s time to take a deep breath
It’s time to rally the boys
It’s time to fight to the death

Get ready with the war cry
Take it to the battlefield
It’s time to choose sides
It’s time to make it real
It’s time to fight back
It’s time to counteract
It’s time to realize
Get ready

The time for talk is done
It’s time to stand for what’s right
It’s time to show you won’t run
Time to prepare for a fight

When somebody won’t listen
when somebody won’t see
Well then you gotta use force
You gotta fight to be free

It’s time to pick up your guns
it’s time to build up your walls
Better be ready to stand
It’s time to show you got balls

Are you willing to die
So all the others might live
And are you willing to fight
and are you willing to give?


When unstoppable force meets immovable object



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