Industrial Electro Rock

The Future Leader

He was elected by majority vote, after which he rescued your country almost single-handedly from a terrible economic downturn, bringing it back to prosperity in a matter of years. For this he became the envy of the entire world. He was TIME magazine’s Man of The Year. He is a war hero decorated for his bravery. In almost all ways, he’s a model citizen. He has no real vices, doesn’t drink or smoke, doesn’t cheat on his wife and never has, has been a vegetarian for most of his life, loves animals and protects them (he is an ardent antivivisectionist and has enacted many laws regarding animal welfare), he believes in promoting, nurturing and developing unity, art, culture, good food/eating practices, good health, clean living, conservation, education… he stands unequivocally and steadfastly for the working man. Would you vote him into a second term? Of course. Most people would.

This man was Adolf Hitler.

Moral of the story? People are not always what they seem.


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