Industrial Electro Rock

“A Human Parasite” coming July 4th, 2014

The newest SM album “A Human Parasite” is going to drop July 4th, 2014. Including tracks like No Mercy, Number One, Useless Eaters, Wake Up, Revolutionize and Butterfly, “A Human Parasite” focuses on the many different types of evil we do to each other as human beings. It is an expression of anger over the stupidity, indifference, disregard and callousness that we see everywhere. It is about the frustration and often, the downright hatred Cosmo & I feel for other human beings. It’s not to be “edgy.” It’s not to be “trendy.” We hated people long before it was “cool” to do so. And why? Because the way people act is appalling. It’s disgusting and a fucking shame.

People are rutting dogs. They are bleating sheep. They are oblivious cattle. It’s only going to get worse. Everybody better be ready.

sin and cosmo


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