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21st Century Digital Boy – Bad Religion COVER


Basement Revolution EP

I am such a freak! Why are you calling me out?
Reveal destiny. You cannot figure me out.
I fight worlds away, and you don’t know who I am.
I am the things that I say. Confusion is the plan.
It’s not upon you to judge the things I give you to see.
It’s just upon you to love the things that I seem to be.
I need your validation because without it I die
I insist on retribution when you can see through the lie

Who are you to say that I am not me, when baby, I don’t even know?

Cuz I don’t have to play your games
I don’t have to feel your shame
I don’t have to wear your names
Won’t partake in this charade

I don’t have to be your fool
Everything you see is true
And I don’t need you to approve
Everything I say and do

I am such a freak. I am such a freak.

Everything I say and do

Coming October 2015. Get it here NOW:

Learning The Art of War…