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21st Century Digital Boy – Bad Religion COVER


New Single

Like a piranha fish
Man, I don’t ever miss
Don’t give a squirt of piss
You’ll need an army, bitch

I am not counterfeit
I ain’t about that shit
I rule the hyprocrites
With this: an iron fist

Here comes The Boss
They call me a piranha

I’ll put you in your place
And get right in your face
I’ve always got the ace
Up my sleeve just in case

Invoke the devil’s name
And I ain’t got no shame
I play to win ALL games
I don’t believe in pain

Here comes the boss
They call me a piranha

Infestatio – New Album

Free 2-track EP

Free EP For 2015. Enjoy!

Basement Revolution EP

I am such a freak! Why are you calling me out?
Reveal destiny. You cannot figure me out.
I fight worlds away, and you don’t know who I am.
I am the things that I say. Confusion is the plan.
It’s not upon you to judge the things I give you to see.
It’s just upon you to love the things that I seem to be.
I need your validation because without it I die
I insist on retribution when you can see through the lie

Who are you to say that I am not me, when baby, I don’t even know?

Cuz I don’t have to play your games
I don’t have to feel your shame
I don’t have to wear your names
Won’t partake in this charade

I don’t have to be your fool
Everything you see is true
And I don’t need you to approve
Everything I say and do

I am such a freak. I am such a freak.

Everything I say and do

Coming October 2015. Get it here NOW:


Everybody said it wouldn’t last – including us. Here we are almost 12 years later, crazier and more fucked up than ever.

Just goes to show there are some things that there’s no cure for.

The Chosen Few – FREE LP

Ten-track LP compilation of our most popular tracks as chosen by the people who listen to them on Bandcamp. This album is a great choice for people new to Scream Machine who would like a sample of the different sounds SM is known for.

Thank you for your support!

Learning The Art of War…

Exclusive Content For Bandcamp Subscribers

We decided to try out the subscriber option on bandcamp. For $5 a year, you get exclusive access to stuff nobody else can see or hear, including the two new releases for this year months before anyone else gets them. In fact, they are up right now. Head over and check ’em out.

Click the pics to go or click here.